Finally - Featprints returns for a rocking' live stream celebrating the music of Little Feat and our fearless leader Vince's birthday.

Throughout the 70’s and into the 80’s, 90’s and into the new millennium, Little Feat pushed the envelope of accepted styles blending rocks, blues, cajun, country and fusion into a tasty gumbo. Their hits like “Dixie Chicken”, “Willin”, “Oh Atlanta” and “Let It Roll” just begin to scratch the surface on what they could do live. The legions of grassroots loyal fans that still follow them to this day are a testimony to their legacy. FeatPrints take on the prodigious task of playing the songlist of this iconic band with seven of the Bay Area's most in-demand talents. So for covers that pay homage to the bands original work mixed with jams sizzling with inspired improvisation, grab your sailing' shoes and catch FeatPrints live!

Featprints is: Marke Burgstahler – slide guitar, vocals (Gregg Allman, Alameda All-Stars) Vince Caminiti – guitar (Souled Out, Bluestate) Loralee Christensen – vocals (Carla Thomas, Clarence Clemons) Mike Emerson – keyboards (Tommy Castro, Carlene Carter) Paul Olguin – bass, vocals (Mazzy Star, Maria Muldaur) David Perper – Drums (New Riders, Pablo Cruise) Beth Reynolds – vocals (Kingfish, Huey Lewis)